H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier
H2O Humidifier

H2O Humidifier

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Color: Pink


  • ✅ Refuse to dry --> Heavy fog always moisturizing and feel like snowing from the sky to mountains.
  • ✅ HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL HUMIDIFIER ---> Our Snow Mountain Humidifier is remastered to perfection with a new more powerful, quieter and versatile cool mist mini personal humidifier design. By increasing the air moisture, you also increase focus, improve mood So, have a breath of fresh air no matter where you are.. in your home, office, school. It's amazing for sleeping, working, studying and overall well-being. The Snow Mountain Humidifier uses the in-built replaceable
  • ✅ ENJOY DOUBLE PROTECTION ---> Practicality blends with safety as the cool mist mini humidifier has auto turn off after 8h or 14h. Perfect when sleeping - can run continuously for up to 14h. Just fill the humidifier with up to 500ml water and easily power it with a USB cable (can be powered from a computer) or use the USB interface to charge your phone.
  • ✅YOUR RISK-FREE PURCHASE --->So many benefits, in one sleek, beautiful, yet handy personal mini humidifier. Sleep better, fight allergies, breath healthier and purified air, protect your skin and improve the quality of life - get your desk cool mist humidifier now risk free backed by our 12-months warranty.
  • ✅Cute Small Humidifier - Strong Cool mist make humidity around your home & office. It's good for your health & Skin.

Publisher: Cotree

Details: Upgrade the quality of your life with this remastered mini personal cool mist humidifier. The Snow Mountain Humidifer is a refined cool mist humidifier that offers so many benefits in a compactly designed device. Gorgeous
The premium mix of ABC plastic with our a distinctive selection of vibrant colors makes the small cool mist humidifier a joy to watch. Its compact size makes it perfect for office desks, home desks, bedroom tables.

Super versatile
- Use as quiet mist humidifier of the air on demand
- refresh your senses
- Light from top of Humidifier could be your Night Light at night
- The USB output can be used to charge your smartphone while also using the Snow Mountain Humidifier

Feel better, live healthier
Better mood, reduced allergies, more relaxed times, skin protection, and more restful sleep are just some of the many benefits this mini silent humidifier can bring in your life.

✅ Click Add to Cart and get this sophisticated premium USB mini humidifier risk-free! ✅ The item may need time before misting out because the wick should be wet.

- can run up to 14h
- has auto turn off option for 8h & 14h
- one touch button to turn on
- 2 spray options continuous and periodical
- 500ml capacity
- 95 x 95 x 129mm dimensions
- weight: 226g